January 30, 2023
Plot 1721, Old Kampala Road Aga Khan Building

UNF Officially Launches a Champaign to Secure a Home for Netball

Uganda Netball Federation on Tuesday night at Serena Hotel, officially launched the Fundraising campaign that is aiming at securing a home for netball.

The colorful dinner that was held at Serena on Tuesday, 19th July 2022 has attracted a number of companies that are willing to stand with the federation to construction its own home to secure the future of a girl child dominated sport.

The event had over ten companies, Members of Parliament and prominent dignities who pledge to stand with the federation on a big dream they want to become a reality.

According to Board of Trustees Chairperson Hon. Margret Nantongo Zziwa Babu, the federation needs five billion shillings for the first phase and on day one of

“Circumstantially, I want to appreciate the members of the board, as the custodians of the game we are responsible for policies, this aspect we are embarking on of having a home is one of the policy areas which we need and had under our strategic plan. ” Says Hon. Margret Nantongo Zziwa.

“We are now ready to unfold and implement. I want to say that it’s a challenge when you don’t have a home, if you want to train, you have to start hiring, like now, we are preparing for commonwealth but we had to set aside over 20M for only the training venue and on top of that , the venues on standard are limited in the country.

“…..tonight, slightly we have been able to raise 130M, we are going to continue holding such dinners, we are going to fundraise through selling our replica jerseys we launched tonight, going to call on donations, we are also going to have grassroot or ground effort aiming at reaching at any Ugandan, we believe this dream will come true.”

At the first phase, the federation needs at least five billions and the two billions are to secure land, but to have a full complex, the federation needs over 36 billion shillings.

The federation president expressed her gratitude towards the pioneer companies that came for the cause and she also believes the dream will come true.

“I am very happy that today, we have seen companies coming here, not at free but injected in money, the individuals and you have seen others pledging, this is a big Victory to us. Collecting over 100M on day one is such a good start and believe it will come true, our first phase is to secure a land, if we get that, it will be easy for us to see how we start building on it.” The ambitious president stated.

At the same event, the federation unveiled the new kit for She Cranes and the replica jersey for fans.

Joan Nampugu, the She Cranes assistant captain called upon all ugandans to support them through buying the replicas.

“it has been a great day for us as she cranes, the fundraising campaign that is aiming at building us a home, I thank the companies and individuals that responded to the cause and request more to come because when we get this home, it won’t benefit only netball but also other indoor games and the country at large.

come sport us even through buying the replica jerseys we launched today, we have them in different colors, so better come support us. ” Joan Nampungu.

The pioneer companies of the fundraising campaign include; Crown Beverages Ltd, Salt Media who had the whole event live on tv and Pastor Bujingo, the owner pledged 10M, Eco bank (10M), Gaming Regulatory Board and nine betting companies who contributed 34.2M, NGO Board, Nile Breweries, MTN Uganda, Gotv Uganda, Plascon Uganda, National Water and sewerage corporation, Individual Members of Parliament, Gal Sports Betting, Champion Bet, Bet pawa, Casinos.

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