March 22, 2023
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Who is Me: Meet Alice Wasagali, Versatile Lanky Netballer

Its rare to find a player who can easily play in all the three department of Netball court in this modern era.

In the house today, we have She Cranes and Prisons Netball Club, Alice Wasagali aka ‘Alicia’ the lanky player who is good in midfield and forward.

The former Uganda Christian University player, Alice was born on 05th, December, 1991 (30 years) to Mr. Godfrey Wanda and Mrs. Ruth Wanda the residents of Nakaloke, Mbale.

Wasagali is a versatile player who can comfortably play in all advanced positions.

“I can play in all the advanced positions on the court, I started as a shooter but at Prisons, the coach shifted me to mid court, but I found no challenge with it and it’s where I am playing now. ” Wasagali Alice narrates to this website.

Education Journey:

The masters degree holder in Public Administration and Management, sat her primary leaving education in 2003 at North Road Primary School in Mbale. She later joined King of Kings Secondary School Iganga in 2004 for her senior one, She was at the school until 2006 before switching to Kakungulu High School for her S. 4 and S. 6, sat her UACE in 2009.

The third child in a family of four children joined Mukono based University, Uganda Christian University in 2010 where she had her first degree in Library and Information Science, where she majored in Record Keeping and Management. At the same university in 2015, the star had masters in Public Administration and Management to which she completed in 2016.

Netball Journey:

Like any kid, Wasagali was practicing two sports disciplines while in primary, that’s Cricket and netball but her netball journey started in 2000 while in primary four at North Road primary school.

When she relocated to Iganga from Mbale for her secondary education, she concentrated on netball and dumped cricket.

I was playing cricket and netball while at North Road but when I went to Kings, I concentrated on netball, actually the school was majoring in netball, so I continued with it. I remember a coach called Jacob the one who spotted me and took me to his school [King of Kings]” she noted.

In 2006 Nationals held at Rock High in Totoro, it’s where coach Nelson Bogere who was the the head coach of Kakungulu High School saw Wasagali and he lured her. At Kakungulu, Wasagali and the school, they won a silver medal in 2007, they beat St Mary’s Kitende on same final but lost to Gombe SS and they continued with the same form in East Africa where they won a bronze medal.

In 2010, Wasagali joined UCU netball team, it was easy for her to switch to the campus because her coach at Kakungulu, Nelson Bogere also got a job at the same University.

Though at UCU, the six years she spent there, she didn’t win any silverware in national league, She succeeded in other tournaments.

While at UCU, the 2022 best wing attacker [East Africa Club Championship] counts a Silver medal in East Africa Club Championship in 2013, a silver in University games, 2014, 2015 gold and 2016 gold medal in East Africa University games.

In 2017, Wasagali switched to Prisons Netball Club where she is till now. She joined the club with luck, in her first year, Wasagali won the league title and East Africa Netball championship title, the following year, 2018 defended the East Africa title.

Alicia as commonly known, had her first national team call in 2017 but never made the final cut to Africa Netball Championship, Uganda hosted. 2018,2021 and 2022 are among the years she was summoned but not yet got a cap.

The wing attacker narrates how she found her self in wing attacking and centre.

Since my early days, I was a shooter, playing GA and GS but when I joined Prisons, coach shifted me to Wing Attacker and centre, the positions I currently play.

Wasagali has no regret in taking Netball as her career.

Netball introduced me to the world, it moved me places, it has connected me to many, I got a number of projects because of netball, I worked with Netball Development Trust based in UK, UHG, that had injector plan.”


Name: Wasagali Alice

Nickname: Alicia

Date of Birth: 15/December/1991

Place of Birth: Nakaloke Mbale

Parents: Mr. Godfrey Wanda and Mrs. Ruth Wanda

Position: Wing attacker/Centre

Strong Hand: Right

Weight: 65kg

Height: 179cm

Previous Club: UCU 2010-2016

Current Club: Prison

Role Model: Myself

Credited people; Coach Nelson Bogere and Brenda Khasalamwa


2007: Silver medal [Ball games One]

2013: Silver medal [East Africa Club Championship]

2014: Silver medal [University Games]

2015: Gold Medal [University Games]

2016: Gold Medal [East Africa University Games]

2017: Gold medal [National Netball League with Prisons]

2017: Gold medal [East Africa Netball Club championship]

2018: Goal medal [East Africa club championship]

2022: Best Wing Attacker [East Africa Netball Club Championship]

Best Moments in Netball:

Beating St Mary’s Kitende in Nationals Semifinals in 2007 and beating MOIK in club championship in 2013 at semifinals yet we were first timers.

Worst Moment:

When I got injury in 2017 while playing in East Africa club championship. The injury disturbed me until I went under surgery in 2019.

Youth Netball Career:

2000-2003: North Road Primary School

2004-2006: King of Kings Iganga

2007-2009: Kakungulu High School Bombo

Senior career (club level):

2010-2016: Uganda Christian University Netball Club

2017-todate: Prisons Netball Club

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